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Montepulciano Piazza Grande
EXPO Italian Wine Pavillion
Winery barrel
Beach sea

Summer Break = Wine Tasting & PR Planning


August: sea, lake, mountain, adventure or relaxing on the beach, back pack or fins and diver’s mask ... the summer break is coming to an end and we hope you really enjoyed it.

We, alias  "Bottle-Uppers”, did not take intercontinental flights, but we have traveled a lot (especially with our forward looking view): we went in wonderful places through our Italian regions and we have been thinking about the next steps to provide you a #WineExperience increasingly unique, more simple and literally #TailorMade.

It’s been for us a sort of #ExperientialTourism, a real gastronomic tour, a full immersion in the culinary tradition and history of the wine of #BelPaese: Val d'Orcia, Maremma, Casentino (the wildest area in Tuscany), Versilia, Garda Lake, Romagna and #Expo2015. Very short steps, in some cases only few hours, not very recommendable for the costume-fitting, intense but extremely tasty.

There were no real holidays for us, since we have continued to work on new services, new projects and new products (the first news coming next week), marketing and communication plan. That said, we would like to share with you, the 3 things that we deeply enjoyed, the three tips that will ensure you a unique experience (to remember):

1) Expo 2015: astonishing infrastructures, innovative services and the entire world just in few hundred meters. Bring comfortable shoes, prepare an action plan and could listen music from the deep Vietnam, then eat in Argentina, digest in Brazil and have a cocktail in Russia. #ToDo

2) Montepulciano in August: the town of Montepulciano, one of the gems of southern Tuscany, shows all its splendor in August. Popular dinners in the old districts, special night events in the historical city center and the “Bravio” (folkloristic challenge among eight districts, represented by two pushers each, that consists of rotate a barrel of about 80kg along a difficult path in the streets of Old Town). Therefore, if you love red wines and you are a #FoodLover, take you camera, two days off and dream!! #WineFoodWineFood GOOD!

3) Bubbles in Pietrasanta: Have you ever been to Forte dei Marmi? You’d answer "Yes". And what about Pietrasanta? Ever been there? Small village a few kilometers from the beaches of Forte dei Marmi, characterized by a bubbling atmosphere and an excellent food and wine offer. We tasted sparkling wine “Metodo Classico”  from Lombardy…you understood well, a bubble from Lombardy in Tuscany…Close your eyes and you will forget the everyday problems! #FeelFree

With this we wish you a good return from vacation and for those that have to leave yet, well, then find great options above!!!

We are waiting for you on our social channels, #followus, #leaveyourpost and share your #WineExperience.


Cardboard packaging
Cardboard packaging
Cardboard packaging
Cardboard packaging

Bottle-Up Phase 1: Key boards, coding, planning, tasting and a new packaging solution


Here we are, after few weeks !! We were not on vacation, far from it! We put the feathers apart and we have been focused on PC keyboards, codes, planning of the next steps and tasting new products...well, we've been working for you who are reading this post and for all those who will join the Bottle-Up world.

Having said that, a brief summary of the past weeks, before your well-deserved holidays, seems only right:

 - We were in Modena (beautiful city for who had never been), as special guests of a very interesting wine tasting. Main topic: wine acidity (#wineacidity);

 - We presented a new winery, the Fattoria Talosa, and the first DOC, Rosso di Montepulciano 2014;

 - The new IGT Tuscan White by Felsina took off in the hottest summer...perfect timing;

 - We have been very engaged in our area of ​​origin, at home: we met bright people, we discovered (actually attended regularly) a unique co-working ready to welcome innovators and creatives from everywhere (Why? You should ask .... simple! because the location is stunning ... a Silicon Valley proof), we talked about startups, and digital innovation. Now, we can say: “The more authentic Tuscany is ready for the 2.0 era. Indeed, it is looking at the stage 4.0! What a nice surprise”;

 - We talked about Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino, but also of Barolo, Prosecco and beers .... if 1 + 1 = 2, then you have understood;

 - We were at SMAU in Florence (the largest Italian fair of Information & Communications Technology) and we met interesting startups! We began to work together to create interesting synergies;

 - We also tried to be artists, given the numerous expressions of interest from all over Italy and beyond! We have defined new themes, new labels and new tailor-made services. We look forward to present them;

 - We introduced the new cardboard packaging. We have designed and tested in such a way that you can pack all types of bottles in a single solution. Magnum and standard bottles in a single packaging ... #YesWeCan;

 Besides all this, of course, we also enjoyed very much to taste new products, to taste again "our" wines! Moreover, we have been deeply involved into the discovery of Tuscan craft beers…very special!

 And now we are more than ready to grow our world, which we hope will be (very soon) also your ... THE BOTTLE-UP WORLD!


EXPO Italian Wine Pavillion
Bottle-Up seal
Stefano Galasso labels
Bottle-Up Boutique Tricot
Bottle-Up Boutique Tricot
Bottle-Up Boutique Tricot
Bottle-Up Boutique Tricot
Elena Prette labels
La Fille Bertha labels
Bottle-Up Boutique Tricot

Bottle-Up is back in Tuscany for a special event: Charity, Art, Fashion & Wine


After two days in Milan, here we are in Tuscany for a "cocktail event". Charity and bubbles the main issues!

Unique atmosphere (fashion clothes, unique bottles, and many smiles) and an interesting combo (Bottle-UP, Boutique Tricot, and Live Onlus). In the window of Boutique Tricot, live painting by Lara Selva, who has decided to represent the tradition of wine in Tuscany in two labels, for a Jeroboam and a Matuzalem IGT 2013 wine by Talosa Winery. The two bottles were auctioned during the evening and the amount obtained went entirely to the charity project "Heart Heartbeat: a defibrillator for life."

Art, fashion, wine and charity: Bottle-Up is there !!!


La degustazione imbruttita

Bottle-Up in "La Degustazione Imbruttita" wine tasting: the 2nd night in Milan in partnership with "Il Milanese Imbruttito" blog


In the second night in Milan we were in partnership with the most famous blog of Milan: Il Milanese Imbruttito (

One night of wine tasting (our wines went very well, the Gavioli Metodo Classico Rosé amazing), show cooking demonstration of "PICI" (Tuscan handmade pasta), great music and beautiful people. We started to tell who we are, to show our project, spreading the "Bottle-Up" word.

Could we have missed special bottles?! no, absolutely not! We have chosen with the guys of the blog the top 5 of the slogans and we filled the hall of bottles and labels! the audience loved it!

We could not miss then the support of our artists. In the area dedicated to the Limited Edition label (available on our website), a huge table, total white labels and pencils, pens and markers. Here the artists made a great show, drawing live unique labels. Many people curious and proactive have challenged themselves in mini design contest. All accompanied by Tuscan wines and Tuscan bruschettaS.

Even the flood (almost universal) didn’t stop us!!! Well, it coudn’t be differently, with such a Bottle-Up team (ready for the Champions League final) we wouldn’t fear anything!

To Do It Againg!



The 1st event of Bottle-Up history: in Milan for "Tuscany-UP", wine & food tasting


For the first time, Bottle-Up arrived in Milan.

A special event, 100% Made in Tuscany, with an awesome wine & food mix, during which we presented our our project and our new platform Many people excited by our project. Our wines have gone very well…in the heart of Milan community!!!