Marco and Mattia Boetti

After a degree in Illustration at the European Institute of Design in Turin, he starts to take detailed courses on the main artistic techniques, graphics, and on teaching. He began working primarily with public authorities and publishing houses, specializing in naturalistic illustration, creating posters, targeted graphic projects, murals and “trompe l'oeil”. He has collaborated with the municipality of Genoa in museums sector; he exhibited to Euroflora '06 at International Library for boys "Edmondo de Amicis" and at the botanical garden of the University of Genoa. He also exhibited at the Natural History Museum in Piacenza and Ferrara and at the Capellini Geo-Paleontological Museum in Bologna. He realized some tables for the Regional Natural Park of Portofino, Aveto and the Ligurian Alps (IM). He has published with Gruppo Editoriale "RCS" and "Hobby & Work Publishing" in Milan.
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