Federico Zenobi

Federico Zenobi was born in Jesi in 1986. He graduated at the Centro Sperimentale of Design Poliarte of Ancona, he began to paint graffiti in 1999. From that year onward, graffiti has been a constant in his life becoming a full time street artist. Federico has specialized in hyperrealism, technique very difficult and complex, especially considering the use of the spray and the large size of his works. Federico strives for an impact as powerful as possible, creating a strong connection with the audience, a key element of his artistic creations. Federico recently started to create abstract works, paintings with a strong intrinsic energy, perhaps a breakthrough with his artistic past. Its continuous technical and stylistic evolution led him to paint portraits spray canvas and steel plates, exhibited in personal as well as group exhibitions, which have had a great impact on the public and collectors. Among the main places where he painted and exhibited include Los Angeles, Ecuador, Netherlands, Turkey, Georgia, Croatia, Romania, and of course Italy. His last personal exhibition was in March 2013 in Piazza Duomo in Milan, at the headquarters of the Bank ING Direct. Federico has also collaborated with the fashion world, creating in 2011 limited edition bags and shoes for the ZENUX company (Russia) and in 2014 limited editions jeans and handbags for the DONDUP (Italy). Those collections have been sold worldwide.