Chiara Gelati

Chiara Gelati

Chiara Gelati was born in Florence, on November 5th 1985. Raised and stimulated in a highly creative environment, Chiara has always been pushed to cultivate and nurture her artistic flair. Her creative and thoughtful attitude is manifested in her two biggest passions: design and graphic on one side and urban requalification on the other.

Graduated in Architectural Planning from the University of Florence, she currently lives and works in Ravenna, where she collaborates with an architectural firm specialized in temporary reuse and in reactivation processes of abandoned spaces.

Her experience in graphic design starts for love, being involved in the creation of some artworks for cultural and musical events in Arezzo, such as the Casentino Love Affair Festival. Now in the free time she works as a freelance for the creation of graphic concepts and DIY products.

She usually takes inspiration from external inputs that she loves to elaborate and to convert into artworks and handmade projects. She strongly believes that in every artistic work, as well as in architectural projects, the emotional component is one of the biggest values the artist has to look for.

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