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Elia Colombo

In his works Elia Colombo prefers conceptual illustration and seeks for perfection in simplicity, using sharp and clean lines.

Alma Gemelli

In the creations of Alma Gemelli the floral motifs contrast with anatomical sections of the human body creating deep symbolic meanings.

Elena Pucci

The experience of Elena Pucci in goldsmithing continues to influence his works, always aimed to translate emotions into images.

Chiara Gelati

Chiara Gelati is a versatile architect and graphic designer, with two great passions: design on one side and urban requalification on the other.

Serena Barbi

Serena Barbi is a jewellery designer. She constantly searches the right balance between size, shape and design in every creation.

Noemi De Feo

Noemi De Feo is an illustrator and graphic designer. She prefers clear lines, but romantic, and rigid as well as enveloping forms.

Luigi Leuce

Luigi Leuce is a curious and creative illustrator and web designer. He loves to experiment new techniques and draw whatever comes into his mind.

Karolina Burdon

Karolina Burdon’s work revolves around stories of various nature, from fashion illustrations to intricate metaphors in literary and psychology publications.

Ginevra Bernabò

Ginevra Bernabò has a passion for neat and clean designs. However, she tends to experiment and play with different techniques.

Osvaldo Casanova

Born in Vicenza, Osvaldo Casanova loves drawing about football. He has drawn, painted and written for music, publishing, sports and advertising.

Elena Prette

Elena Prette is an illustrator who deals with different types of creations, from publishing for children, board games, App, web, magazines and illustrations.

Francesco Poroli

Francesco Poroli works as a freelance illustrator and art director. He has worked with important sport brands and newspapers.

Federico Zenobi

Federico Zenobi is specialized in hyperrealism, but recently he started to create also abstract works, paintings with a strong intrinsic energy.

Francesco Taddeucci

Francesco Taddeucci is a creative, a graphic designer and a VJ. He performs graphics motion works, drawing pictures and illustrations.

Gio Pastori

Gio Pastori works as an editorial illustrator, he realizes most of his artworks with the collage technique.

La Fille Bertha

La Fille Bertha has a wide background that ranges from illustration to psychology. She works as a freelance artist, muralist, illustrator and designer.

Stefano Galasso

Stefano Galasso isn’t confined to a defined style and he experiments in different areas such as landscapes, portraits and abstract themes.
Marco Boetti
Mattia Boetti

Marco e Mattia Boetti

Marco Boetti and his brother Mattia work primarily with public authorities and publishing houses, they are specialized in naturalistic illustration.